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Premium Solar now ships to ANYWHERE in the world!

The first Ezinc’ product which we imported was the popular Thermosiphon water heating system. This system has been proven around the world for twenty years. It is a very simple system in terms of solar hot water. With four hours of continuous sun light this system will produce enough hot water for a family of four.

Ezinc’ companies have been in business for over TWENTY EIGHT years and is now the second-largest manufacturer of Thermosiphon systems in EUROPE and FIFTH in the world,. Ezinc' also produces other solar hot water products including solar collectors, solar single and double serpentine tanks, roof mounting sets, portable solar water heating units and radiators.

Premium Solar moves to new Solar Warehouse, May 2011

UPDATE: In May of 2011, Premium Solar moved into its new Solar Warehouse! Premium Solar was previously housed in part of the building including the Premium Services Group (commercial refrigeration division, residential air conditioning division a commercial duct cleaning department). However, with the increase in demand for solar products and the business starting to prosper, Premium Solar's needs have grown to the point that having its own Solar Warehouse was a necessary investment. This important step has everyone associated with Premium Solar very excited about the future of Premium Solar and the solar industry!

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Premium Solar - Mission Statement

To position our company's products as the second brandname recognized in the solar thermosiphon hot water industry.

This can best be accomplished by building quality relationships, promotions, training, and raising awareness of the Ezinc’ brand.

  • Promote the use of solar hot water through local, regional and national advertising.
  • Build a distribution network that has this same goal.
  • Offer a professional staff to support and work with individual distributors for promotion of these products.
  • Offer top quality training for distributors, their employees and installers.
  • Promote quality relationships between the manufacturers and distributors.
  • Provide a reasonable return on investment for stockholders.

About Ezinc - Solar Products

Ezinc is the 2nd Largest Western European Collector Manufacturer Ezinc is the 2nd Largest Western European Collector Manufacturer Ezinc is the 2nd Largest Western European Collector Manufacturer

Ezinc is the 2nd Largest Western European Collector Manufacturer

Ezinc, as one of the leading manufacturers of solar thermal components, have been providing solutions to energy requirement since its establishment in 1983.

Production facilities are located in Kayseri, middle of Turkey and it manufactures in 15,000 sqm covered production area. Capacity of solar collector production has been 400,000 sqm in one shift. Production which involve a wide range of activities including full-plate absorber production, automated welding, enamelling, testing stations and logistics.   

Ezinc is proud of owning quality assurance, which have been accredited from international institutes, laboratories and certification bodies.

Ezinc, knowing importance of technology based production for sustainable quality assurance, therefore adding human factor in every point of production. Every staff in the team is valuable and part of the success. Every stage from planning to packaging are performed by the specialized staff.  Technical support continues during each part of manufacturing  also after the sales.

Ezinc has been exporting its high efficient solar thermal products, including the popular thermosiphon systems, to 55 countries worldwide.

Ezinc offers turnkey projects to individual users, farmers, manufacturers, hotels, apartments and engineering companies within the principle of flexibility for customized solutions all over the world by means of renewable energy based solutions.        

Every point of the world where sunshine reaches, Ezinc solar solutions are available.