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Tallahassee Fire Department is getting hot water by Ezinc Solar Water Heaters

Premium Solar featured for installing Ezinc Thermosiphons at Tallahassee Fire Stations

November 27, 2010

Premium Solar is featured in World of Solar Thermal, the "World's Number 1 Solar Thermal Website."

"The recent success for the company is the solar water heaters installation to fire stations in the City of Tallahassee, USA. Seven fire stations in the city are powered by Ezinc KG-300 thermosiphon type solar water heaters to supply the domestic hot water need of fire fighthers."

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Tallahassee Fire Department is getting hot water by Ezinc Solar Water Heaters

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Premium Solar Commercial Solar Installations


Ezinc Produces 3 Millionth Solar Thermal Collector

Ezinc Produces 3 Million m² of Solar Thermal Collector

December 17, 2009

Ezinc produces 3 million m² of solar thermal collector and is featured in an article on North American Clean Energy's website.

"This important moment was celebrated on the production area with all employees, when the jubilee collector seemed at the end of the production line. The jubilee collector was taken from the production line and been on display in the headquarters building of the company."

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North American Clean Energy: Ezinc Produces 3 Million m² of Solar Collector



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Tallahassee Democrat: Business Matters

September 20, 2009

Premium Solar is featured in in the Business Matters section of the Tallahassee Democrat in an article written by Business Editor Dave Hodges.

"After a year of meetings, correspondence and relationship building overseas, two Tallahassee businessmen have secured an exclusive agreement to import a Turkish company's solar water-heating device to the United States for the first time."





Buildaroo.com interview at InterSolar 2009

July 15, 2009

Terry Forrest, President of Premium Solar, is interviewed by Buildaroo.com at InterSolar 2009 in San Francisco.

Click to see the online version of the article: Ezinc Solar – A Solar Water Heater That Does Not Need Direct Sunlight!