Drainback Solar Water Heater Systems (Traditional)

On Sale Now! Traditional Drainback Solar Water Heater System

Qualifies for 30% Tax Credit and other incentives! Renewable Energy Incentives
This solar product qualifies for a 30% Federal Tax Credit, as well as State and Local incentives for renewable energy. More info on renewable energy incentives.
This solar system uses SRCC OG-100 Certified 4x8 or 4x6.5 EZINC Thermal Collectors!
Closeup of a Drainback Tank used in a Traditional Drainback System

Solar Collector on roof - used in a Traditional Drainback System

Traditional Drainback Systems

Specially designed drainback tanks can convert any regular water heater into a solar water heater!


The Traditional Drainback Kit includes:

• 10-gallon US-made drainback tank with heat exchanger
• Taco 009 Bronze circulator pump
• Taco 003 Bronze circulator pump
• Taco Bronze pump flange set for 009 pump
• Steca TR301 U solar controller
• Brass boiler drain
• 50 psi pressure valve
• Tank stand
• Solar collector

IMPORTANT: Water storage tank is NOT included. This kit installs on the existing stroage tank.

NOTE: Additional fittings and piping are required during the install.

How does a Traditional Drainback Solar System work?

Traditional Drainback Systems use a pump to circulate water or glycol in the collector loop, which drops into a reservoir tank when the pump stops. They also use a differential controller to start the pump (or the pumps) and to route the water into the system. This process begins whenever the sensors attached to the collector detect useful sunlight available (which happens when the temperature in the collector is higher than the temperature of the water at the bottom of the storage tank).

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