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Liberty Box uses energy from the sun to power your existing electric water heating system. Liberty Box serves as a great residential solar water heating solution.

Liberty Box is a new and patented revolutionary innovation in the domestic solar water heating industry. The product is a solar electrical generator that uses PV panels instead of regular solar thermal collectors. The patented "smart solar power supply" Liberty Box allows PV panels to be used in solar thermal applications independent from the grid voltage. A typical residential application uses only 1.2KW -1.45 KW of light PV panels for a 80 gallon electric tank. The patented Liberty Box is not only a power supply but also it is digital impedance transformer that transfers the water heater element impedance according to the sun energy density. The more sun energy the lower the impedance the higher the heat transfer to the water tank . Only 3-4 light PV panels on a roof can supply a family of 4 with ample amount of hot water. In this new PV-SWH system there are no moving part, no pump, no leaks problems, system does not require fluid or glycol , no copper, no freeze issues, no specific solar tanks to be used and of course NO plumbing. As compared to regular classic solar thermal applications, Liberty Box provides hotter water in colder climates since PV panels work more efficiently in cold. The cost of the system is significantly low, the system is more durable, installation is a breeze and there is no maintenance. It is a great hit in the DIY market as well.

Liberty Box is the ideal residential heating solution for areas where traditional solar heating will not function or will be jeopardized by freezing temperatures.

Simply install rooftop solar PV collectors and the in-house, reliable, small, environmentally friendly Liberty Box to start enjoying the benefits of solar radiation anywhere and dramatically lower your usage costs!

Since the heated water acts as the energy capacitor, no batteries are required. Furthermore - the Liberty Box is 100% transportable, meaning it can move when you do!

By installing the Liberty Box in your home, everyone benefits - contractors, home owners and the environment.

Liberty Box Brochure (pdf, opens in new window, 870 KB)

Liberty Box Testing Results (pdf, opens in new window, 2 MB)

PV Panels for use with the Liberty Box (pdf, opens in new window, 118 KB)

Say YES to:
- Energy conservation
- Money Savings
- Environment protection
- Warmer water in colder temperatures
- Wise and safe investment

Say NO to:
- Complicated and expensive installations
- Copper, soldering, leaks, pumps
- High heating and maintenance expenses
- Freezing solar elements and pipes

American made, environmentally friendly and cost-effective, the Liberty Box is the ideal technologically superior green solution to all water heating issues. Whether you want to increase the value of your home, create more energy efficient buildings or to install a more cost-effective system, EDS provides you with the tool to achieve it.

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Liberty Box Supplies Solar Hot Water without Extra Plumbing -

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