ProPac 10D Integrated Drainback Solar Water Heating KIT

ProPac Integrated Drainback Solar Water Heater System
Qualifies for 30% Tax Credit and other incentives! Renewable Energy Incentives
This solar product qualifies for a 30% Federal Tax Credit, as well as State and Local incentives for renewable energy. More info on renewable energy incentives.
This solar system uses SRCC OG-100 Certified 4x8 or 4x6.5 EZINC Thermal Collectors!
Inside View of the ProPac 10D Solar Water Heater System

ProPac 10D Integrated Drainback Solar Water Heating KIT consists of:

  •  Solar Collectors
  •  ProPac Drainback Unit
  •  Existing Electric Water Heater

NOTE: ProPac 10D does not include a water storage tank (traditional water heater). However, a storage tank can be provided at additional cost if your project is new construction or you do not want to use your existing tank.

Introducing ProPac, the nation’s first fully assembled Drainback KIT that installs with a wrench. Turn your existing electric water heater into a Solar Water Heater!

Pre-wired and pre-plumbed, this cutting edge system installs faster and more efficiently than any solar water heating system on the market.

In addition to its effortless installation, ProPac’s compact footprint is a perk when space is of the essence. Aesthetically superior in design, this turnkey drainback module employs state of the art solar controller with liquid crystal display.

- Fully integrated, self contained heat transfer unit
- 160 ft² maximum collector surface area
- 320 gallons maximum storage tank capacity
- Freeze proofs collectors
- No remote valves
- No collector scaling
- TIG welded 304 stainless 10 gallon reservoir
- Serviceable Stainless Steel heat exchanger
- Quiet operation
- Pre-tested, Factory certified
- Compact design
- Over temperature protected
- Dual bronze pumps

How the ProPac operates:
As sunlight falls on the solar collector (1) the solid copper absorbers begin to heat up. When the solar controller (4) senses the collector is 12 to 16 degrees hotter than the storage tank (2) it supplies power to the pumps in the ProPac unit (3). One pump lifts water from the drain back tank to the collector and returns it to the stainless steel Heat Exchanger. A second pump moves water from the storage tank to the HX and back. The cycle continues until there is no heat available from the collector. When the pumps are turned off all the water in the collector drains back to the ProPac unit.

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