Simple Drainback System (Active)

The Simple Drainback System (Active)
Qualifies for 30% Tax Credit and other incentives! Renewable Energy Incentives
This solar product qualifies for a 30% Federal Tax Credit, as well as State and Local incentives for renewable energy. More info on renewable energy incentives.
This solar system uses SRCC OG-100 Certified 4x8 or 4x6.5 EZINC Thermal Collectors!
Pump for the Simple Drainback System (Active)Solar Collectors for theSimple Drainback System (Active)

Simple Drainback System (Active):

The Simplest Solution for Drainback Installations

  •  High Quality, Single Tank System
  •  Pre-Assembled, Pre-Wired, and Pre-Programmed
  •  Single Pump and Controller
  •  Spirally Augmented Hot Spring Heat Exchanger
  •  Expandable to Meet Larger Residential and Commercial

A Better Design

The Simple Drainback system was designed to bring the simplicity of drainback systems together with some of the better characteristics of pressurized systems to create the easiest installation on the market.

The Simple Drainback Tank serves as a low pressure solar fluid reservoir for the system. The domestic water is piped through the super efficient Hot Spring heat exchange coil in order to transfer the solar energy to the domestic hot water line. This configuration enables the system to operate with a single pump. The password protected SHEM 32 controller is optimally programmed for the Simple Drainback System.

The Simple Drainback System reduces the number of components associated with traditional drainback systems, significantly reducing installation time and complexity. The system design eliminates the need for additional pumps, tanks, piping and hardware.

The system arrives installation ready with the pump flange and the pre-wired controller fastened to the tank. Installation requires only four plumbing connections and one sensor connection. Once filled with water, the system is ready for years of maintenance free, reliable operation.






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Certification & Registration

 Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) Solar Rating and Certification Solar Keymark Certification